New Online Home!

If anyone is looking for me here, please come see me at my new website (If the word "website" doesn't show up as a link for you, click on post title to see link inside post)! I'll be continuing to blog there. I also have a shop and a newsletter sign up, so come on… Continue reading New Online Home!

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Update After Far Too Long

I guess many small-time blog writers have these huge gaps in posting times...last one I wrote was shortly before the COVID-19 pandemic blasted the world. I don't have definite reasons for not having blogged; I can only muse about why. It's not that I haven't made any new creative projects; I have. I do post… Continue reading Update After Far Too Long

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2019, Joy, Grief, Handwork, Production

Amidst some not-so-great times, this past year 2019 yielded more time for me to craft.  I finished my last homeschooling duties in June (bittersweet), one of my kids moved out (very bittersweet), my husband and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary (yay), my father died (sad), and two friends died (sad).  Actually, right after our… Continue reading 2019, Joy, Grief, Handwork, Production

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Past and Recent Artwork

This first photo below is a collage of sketches I drew a few years ago.  I was reorganizing some notebooks, and pulled these out to take photos.  I find it rewarding to discover past art and craftwork and recall what I was trying to do at the time - plus I find it fun to… Continue reading Past and Recent Artwork

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Book Publication News! and Another More Minor Reno Job

Remember when I got paid to write activities for a book last year?  I had another opportunity this year to contribute to another book from the same publisher!  This time I researched for updated books for booklists in The Story of the World Activity Book 3.  These booklists make it easier for parents to supplement their children's reading about… Continue reading Book Publication News! and Another More Minor Reno Job

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Master Bedroom Renovation

I renovated our master bedroom during the summer!  We have lived in this nearly fifty-year-old house for fifteen years, and this is the first chance we've had to do work like this.  The carpeting was I-don't-know-how-many-years old (dusty pink and gross), some of the wall corners had mold from before we had the roof replaced,… Continue reading Master Bedroom Renovation

Writing Experiment

Writing Experiment: Stand Up and Clap!!

I sat in the front row, quietly singing along.  Suddenly I noticed the pastor on the altar make an exaggerated clapping movement.  I looked, and to my surprise he was gesturing to me!  He did the clapping movement again, and motioned for me to stand up.  No smile appeared on his face; it was an… Continue reading Writing Experiment: Stand Up and Clap!!

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Colourful Clothing Refashion Projects

Another thing I like to do is refashion clothing.  If you've followed me for awhile, you will know that I shop in thrift stores for clothing.  I can't remember the last time I used retail for my clothing needs (except socks and underwear, though I am very slowly trying to change that.  Oh, and shoes. … Continue reading Colourful Clothing Refashion Projects

Completed Projects

More Colourful Home Decor Projects

See, I told you I've still been busy with creative projects!  After finishing homeschooling this past spring (after sixteen years - WOW!  It's a transition time for sure), I have some more time now with which to photograph and write about said projects! Below is more dishcloth knitting.  Sometimes I just start a dishcloth on… Continue reading More Colourful Home Decor Projects

Writing Experiment

Writing Experiment: Dear Dave

Bit scary for me; but I want to start sharing some creative writings I'm experimenting with.  Just a warning; they won't be my usual colourful, crafty blog post updates.  They are the results of my processing some more painful parts of my life, much having to do with church and patriarchy.  If you are following… Continue reading Writing Experiment: Dear Dave